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  • The Exploring Teotihuacan tour was extremely stimulating, intellectually and visually... I hung on the guide's every word and wished I could go back to College to study the mexicas period... It was one of the best family holidays we ever had.
  • Thank you San Miguel Mágico for once again proving that your tours are the very best in México.
    Jane Bennett
  • Excellent service, i will for sure use them again! very recomended!
    Andreas Anderson
  • Jorge and Miguel: I want to personally thank you for the excellent service you and your team provided for my 55 guest during our anniversary celebration in April 2017. your drivers were prompt and courteus. the cars were clean and my guests were offered water on the ride to town, one of the drivers, i think his name was freddy played Johnny Cash music on the long drive between the airport and town, and you adapted to the last minute changes in flight schedules that inevitably occurs. San Miguel is indeed magical and you helped make it so. Linda L. Smith Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  • Your Team Miguel, Fernando and Freddy are very excellent and nice people. They are all a pleasure to travel with. Gracias J. Mark Lathers Milwaukee, WI

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San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende, el corazón de México, además de su grandeza patrimonial y cultural, cuenta con una gran variedad de actividades que convertirán tu estancia en una experiencia llena de diversión, historia, cultura y magia.
Camina por las calles de la ciudad y admira la arquitectura colonial de sus hermosas construcciones. Comprenderás por qué San Miguel de Allende es considerada como una de las urbes más bellas de México.

«San Miguel de Allende ha sido considerada por la UNESCO como Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad.»

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Transporte para Bodas

Bodas y eventos especiales


Puertas:   4
Personas:  1 -3
Equipaje:  2 maletas / 2 Bolsas
Aire acondicionado: 
Seguridad:  frenos ABS y del saco hinchable


Puertas:   4
Personas:  3 – 6
Equipaje:  6 maletas
Aire acondicionado: 
Seguridad:  frenos ABS y del saco hinchable


Puertas:   4
Pasajeros:  6 – 10
Equipaje:  10 maletas
Aire acondicionado: 
Seguridad:  frenos ABS y del saco hinchable